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          A $50 million comprehensive campaign focused on initiatives that provide future students the life-changing opportunities Illinois College has long given our alumni.

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          在那里你毕业 准备

          For Erica Larson ’19, a biology major, the experiences at IC that helped develop her leadership skills were among the most valuable parts of her Illinois College journey.
          梅根ruyle '19
          During her time at Illinois College, Meghan Ruyle ’19 worked with faculty to create a customized plan of study in order to launch a career she is passionate about pursuing.
          布雷特 - 帕尔默'19
          Brett Palmer ’19 believes that loving what you do will help you succeed in any career.
          尼克montrey '19
          Nick Montrey ’19 was involved on campus as a member of student senate, a student tutor as well as playing on the football team for a time.
          卡琳娜donayre '19
          For Karina Donayre ’19, a political science and international studies major, some of the most meaningful experiences of her college career were gained through experiential learning while doing community service.
          During his four years at Illinois College, Chas Monge '19 accomplished a lot.
          Sarah Christian ’19 officially earned her Illinois College degree in biology, but that didn’t stop her from having hands-on learning opportunities across several departments.
          From winning honors on the football field to studying bats in a remote underground cave in western Cuba, JD Roesch ’19 made the most of his time at Illinois College.
          Ka-La Harris ’19 says her time at Illinois College taught her to embrace new experiences.
          Rolando Salazar '19
          Rolando Salazar ’19 was attracted to IC because it gave him the opportunity to be a student-athlete while actively participating in the communities on campus and around the world.
          Kayla Ward ’19 certainly experienced the perks of a liberal arts education as she earned her degree, but she says there is so much more to learn at Illinois College than what is taught in the classrooms.
          Lisset Perez Carapia '19
          Lisset Perez Carapia ’19, believes the research opportunities IC provided fueled her love for science.

          在那里学习去 超越国界

          Hamilton Lab

          Paul Hamilton '09, an assistant professor of biology, wants his students to understand the risk and reward in student-faculty research.

          BreakAways & Study Abroad

          Learning at IC doesn’t stop inside the classroom. We believe in and practice experiential learning. These group trips, are led by IC faculty, which take place when classes are not in session.

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